Johnny appleseed


Pollan, Michael. 2002. Random House Trade Paper Backs, USA, pg. 3-59

Some points to think on…

The story of my apple:

During my visit with my mom in Edmonton I found myself walking through the grocery store I found myself paying particular attention to the names of the apples in the produce department; Red delicious, Granny Smith and McIntosh. I took a step back and payed particular attention to the process by which my mother acquired that bag that would end up in the tummies of a family of Rez Kids and Elders of Saddle Lake Alberta. She chose one with traits very similar to her-short, round, bright red clothing and sweet, the McIntosh looked like my mothers apple analogue- following my first year chemistry professors base line “likes attract likes” principal of chemistry perfectly. I burst out laughing when she made her choice, she had no idea what I was laughing about but laughed along in an animated laughing fit with me just for the momentary elation found in laughter, we must have looked like a couple of wildling (game of thrones) crazies howling with glee in the middle of Walmart. In the end I never did tell her what we were laughing about, she was all too happy just to join in a tiff of laughter with her son. After that we proceeded to make our way to the elders house where we continued to laugh and learn cree throughout the afternoon-perak(1), Niso(2) Nisomo(second round), Nisto(3) Nistomo(third round), Neawo(4) Neawomo(4th round)- each round crossed disjunction with a story followed by laughter and an aha! moment followed by the next round and the cycle continued until we were a little bit wiser, a little bit happier and a lot more satisfied. We showed our gratitude with a freshly picked bag of walmart McIntosh apples(not computers) and sealed our friendship with a handshake.

The story of the Chapman apple as told by Pollan:

I found the first chapter a brilliant and eloquent way of describing a modern story of domestication through the eccentric Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman. The story of the american apple served as an excellent example of darwinian selection, complete with random variation, differential survival, and heritable traits. I think I inherited my moms crazy and I wouldn’t be surprised if we found some relation to Mr. Chapman. I found it amusing that a “feeble minded or feckless”-pg. 26- could be such a force of sexual transformation, acting like a flying penis, planting seeds all over the country side and under the spell of the ever seductively sweet apple. Now I know where Pollen came up with the namesake of the introduction and chapter,”The human bumblebee” and “Desire:Sweetness”.


Short and sweet, just like the McIntosh.


I laugh because I cry

Pollan, Michael.  2006.  The Ominivore’s Dilemma.  Pg 15-119.  Penguin Group, United States of America.

“And so it goes, bite after bite, until you feel nit satisfied exactly, but simply, regrettably, full”-P. 119 I found myself thinking about society during this last line and how perfect a reflection this last line of part one is. The parallels it draws with the land being exploited by industry and our gluttony, filling voids that we create… We should regret the way we treat the land, the animals and the food we live off of. The bottom dollar is now god and the dilemma is that we all worship this faceless, bodiless, shape shifting, hurtful killer. Where is the disconnect? Why is this such old news but so prevalent today. I may be just effected by what I was reading, not to say that the writing was bad by any means. Michael Pollan did an exquisite job at showing us what it means to eat cheap calories, before reading Pollan I was never brave enough to investigate the course by which our industrially produced food takes from farm to plate. I commend him for doing so, Pollen takes it upon himself to objectively embark on the journey of describing the natural (or not so natural) history of a bushel of corn and a head of cattle that most accurately embodies the military industrial complex. We should be eating the meal of the future, a purely synthetic “protein extracted directly from the petroleum and then ‘spun and woven into animal ‘muscle’ wrist-thick tubes of filet steak”-p. 98 meat that leaves the cow and corn out of the mix, especially if our goal is to perpetuate such a sterile and superficial society. Or, better yet, if we are willing to feed cows to themselves in the form of rendered fat, maybe we should just start feeding us to ourselves instead of the “pill-in-a-meat” style of eating we are currently undertaking. People are becoming cowards, not wanting to see the blood just eat the meat. The other day in the library a full grown mans dad called him to make sure he showered and I couldn’t help but think to myself ‘is this the type of men we are breeding-weak, dumb and useless?’ and the constant lowering of standards in schools aren’t helping the situation. Its such a reflection of the food we eat-weak, dumb and useless. Whats to stop these bodiless corporations from farming us to feed to ourselves? I mean we don’t want to meet the meat we eat, we don’t want to meet our neighbours, why not eat them? I think Dr. Don was right when he mentioned to Elder Mike that “Indigenous people are this planets last hope, if you guys didn’t do what you do, I guess you would be like everyone else.” That statement really touched me because I was starting to lose faith in white people all together, then along comes this corky geneticist who really gets it… Our being doesn’t stop at our fingertips, we are everything, the trees, the buffalo, the corn, the cow- No wonder I’m so frustrated with the way we eat. Grains that are so pail and sad, domesticated (the most sharp insult). Our foods are dead little beings just waiting to be exploited for their babies (protein and carbohydrate). I’m not even sure how often people thank the food for sacrificing themselves and their babies for us, or if they simply eat without respect or reverence. After all it wasn’t god that mad those seeds, it was mothers.


Overall pollen does an excellent job at exemplifying how the middle man (corporations) are are pulling the humanity out of our food and replacing it with mcclowns. No wonder so many kids are scared of clowns, they are rapists(land and cattle-like 534’s insemenation) and killers (of 534).

If I ever get a career, kill me and put me into a mcdonalds burger.