Exquisitely Deadly

Elegant Death is the only words that came to me at the end of this chapter…

The beauty of death is that it is an experience that every single human will share, no matter how young or old. Although birth can only occur naturally in a handful of ways, death has the blessing of variation. A person can die from a heart attack, a car accident, get kicked in the head by a horse, eaten by a lion, get crushed by a pop machine, die of smoke inhalation, burn up in a fire, drown in water or drown in air (pulmonary edema), they can die by getting electrocuted, getting stabbed, shot, impaled, decapitated, starvation, blood loss, air loss, heat loss, freezing, overdose, suicide, being bit by a snake, swallowing rocks, throwing a radio in the bathtub (electrocuted twice), undernourishment, malaria, Ebola, dengue fever, bubonic plague, small pox, chicken pox, pellagra, rickets, crickets and/or baseball bats. Among the most interesting causes of death for me has always been death by poisoning, this method generally has the most interesting and complex stories accompanying it and just enough nostalgia to bring me back to my childhood. I found the description the types of poisons and their evolutionary emergence to be extremely fascinating. I am finding myself compelled to read the triumph of seeds in its entirety, too bad the semester pressure is starting to terrorize my soul, at school again way past my bed time trying to get yet another assignment done, drinking my mint, honey and lemon tea and trying to fight off a god awful sore throat and runny nose. Maybe I was poisoned by a contaminated puff of air from an espionage agent from the Donald trump campaign who can’t stand the thought of another Educated native bring up questions about land rights and title. The point is that espionage and James Bond movies are a part of some of my favorite childhood remembrances, spending days on end trying to catch up to my dads proficiency at 007 trivia. The thought of a real life example with the murder weapon being an umbrella and laced with one of the worlds deadliest poisons made the plane ride home not such a chore and… enjoyable. The irony of ricin is that coincidentally,  castor beans also produces motor oil, one of the worlds most successful lubricants for both cars and human because it also acts as a dehydrating laxative that was quite often used as a torture tool by Mussolini and sometimes used as punishment for children in more… barbaric times. I found it fascinating that ricin was potent enough to kill a human with as little as 2 grains of salt worth. This “exquisitely deadly” poison has the ability to take the mind on a whirlwind of fantasization about the potential for this grain to be in this cup of tea sitting next to me or in a speck of dust I just so happen to inhale, ok probably not but it still evokes so much respect for the potent-ial of plants and their babies. The questions that arise from such a deadly little compound like how the heck did this thing come to be? and what else is it good for? are all good and can keep me busy for hours but I can’t help but feel humbled by the pure hairline balancing act a life really is, especially mine, and yours. How the hell did we make it this far with such a deadly world around us? I sure am grateful I did.



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