Its been a long and arduous journey from going from high school graduation to university. Its taken everything I have financially, emotionally and mentally to make it this far. 60,000 dollars. Thats how much my brain is now worth to this government that has taken so much from my family and my people. It has taken my land, my father, my grandmother, grandfather, uncles, aunties, the list goes on and on. I am feeling just a little bitter about the actual cost it took for me to get the western education people keep telling me I should be proud of. And I am proud, proud to have survived and pick up where my father has left off. On one hand I can get a great job and easily move myself forward in this society as an academic or consultant or whatever but that would only mean widening the gap between myself and my brothers and sisters back home. It took all these years for me to earn my place among white people for me to now crave earning my place among my people. To bring something home that my people need now more than ever. Hope. Hope is something that another had to have in me before I could find it in myself. So I want to bring home hope for the younger generation and use myself as an example of someone who can not only excel in science but in our traditional ways as well. I would like to show them that it was a science, physics, that brought me to my own understanding of spirituality and forged the foundation of my motivations in school and life. The famous and infamous double slit experiment that shattered everything I thought I knew and assisted me in building an understanding that we are not matter until we are observed, We don’t matter until we are observed. And today I feel observed, honoured and like I matter. Hard work has paid off and now I am in between things again, in between university and traditions, work or more university, but its my choice and thats what I am most grateful for. Now where my life goes is my choice. I’ve earned it and funny enough, after all that education all I want to do is go back to the land that made me if there is anything left… It’s hard to think that my family use to be so powerful and self sufficient until the government took it all away from them, and they still expect me to pay them another 60,000 on top of it. Maybe one day I could have so much money that I can just start buying all that land back, its all just energy after all and if there is anything I’ve learned from university its that for a lot of energy to be released it takes a bit of energy input directed in just the right way and a catalyst is born.


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