Its a pleasure meeting you,

My name is Jordan Robinson, I am a Cree/Dene/French/Algonquin/Irish and Scottish hybrid from northern Alberta. I’m a bit rough around the edges but have a heart of gold. I grew up with one foot on the Reserve of Cold Lake First Nations and the other in the town of St. Paul until my life got tip turned upside down and I ended up in a bunch of group homes in Edmonton. The trek from the country to the city took me though a crowded street of darkness for a few years that was nearly the end of me until I found my saving grace in the form of a black man from Trinidad’s home after a stint in juvenile detention and a court room full of broken bridges. Once I earned some caliber in myself I decided that academics was my best option. So here I am, 6 years into a science degree and 10 years after my transition from a scrubby bantam shadow child into a bit of a greenish gold glow, much like the seed that has transitioned into a sapling on the verge of flowering.




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